Camilo Villegas is arguably more “fit” than John Daly, but John swings about 4 mph faster. PGA TOUR players basically hit the ball too low and with too much spin to be as optimal as the ladies on the LPGA TOUR. Interestingly, LPGA TOUR players swing about as fast as the average amateur male. We’ve got junior golfers from 12 years old to men on up in to their 80s with handicaps ranging from pro to 30+ who add an average of 12-16 mph (30-40 yards) of driver swing speed in their first month of basic training. In fact, this actually happened in Hawaii a few years ago ahead of the PGA TOUR event when Jamie Sadlowski hit drives at Kapalua in Maui against Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, and Robert Garrigus. Not only does more swing speed help you hit the ball farther, research shows there is a direct correlation between your driving distance (and club head speed) and handicap (and thus scoring). These guys are definitely at a disadvantage on tour speed-wise. The United States Golf Association constructed the handicap system to level the playing field for everyone. Started to golf after 6 months. Many golf pundits differ and there is a big overlap in the opinions about the best drivers for high handicap golfers that are meant for mid handicappers. You can see this in 2017-2019 Arccos data published by MyGolfSpy in 2020 that shows the difference in driving distance by handicap group. Average Handicap. This iron is now a few years old, but TaylorMade has continued to update it from year to year because of how well it is performing. Much is built on the trust and honesty that is inherent to the game but for the most part, the system works. That makes the average male amateur driving efficiency to be 2.29 yards per mph of club head speed. We’re not sure which hole or event these were measured with using Flightscope, but the numbers were interesting. Some people consider guys like Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, etc., long hitters. The average yardages for each golf club depends, and it varies widely from golfer to golfer. depending on how long you have played a 15 yr old boy would probably have a handicap of somewhere between 10 and 20 We estimate the average amateur women run in the region of 78 mph and 167-yard drives. A comparatively small number of young golfers (under 20) and older golfers (over 70) golfers leverage TheGrint’s golf stat tracking capabilities.. The average handicap in the USGA system is found to be a score of 90. This will produce an average score of 90. Also, you can't say 1 golfer out of 26 (17-29) or 1 golfer out of 96 (30-50) achieved a 126.1 mph clubhead speed, therefore that is the true 99th percentile. First of all, how important is your average golf swing speed? Regarding male amateurs, since 2005, the United States Golf Association (USGA) reports that the average handicap has been between 14 and 15. Look at how fast a typical Final-8 long driver can swing. This is about 20 mph faster than the fastest PGA TOUR players and over 30 mph faster than an average PGA TOUR player. Get your answers by asking now. Certification is also available for motivated PGA pros and fitness trainers. This is where the best players in your state will … If you are a low-handicap golfer, then feel free to play from the set of tees that mimics the yardages on the pro tours (which will be the back tees for men). depending on the quality of courses you play I'd say 20 for tuff courses and 10 for easy courses ,considering that your good enough to even have a handicap. We don’t have any specific numbers for the ladies but based on their driving distances and the 2.64-yards/mph average driving efficiency numbers from Trackman®, here are some estimated swing speed numbers for a few LPGA Tour players. After all, at age 8, Tiger Woods won the 9-10 year old boys event at the Junior World Golf Championship. The easiest way to learn golf like a pro is by following "The Simple Golf Swing" program. A 15 year old male usually averages about 230-240 yards, I. am 14 and i hit around 250-260, but im 6 ft tall. Get a taste of what’s available in All-Access with this video about a week-long swing speed training workout you can do at home! Is catching cheaters just part of being a golf fan? If you were wondering a 15 year old usually averages about 22 over par also. Compare that to the impact dispersion after only 5 shots from the 15-handicap golfer he tested. Low golf scores and thus low handicap indexes are more complex than pure talent and practice. It’s our belief that LPGA Tour players could actually be competitive on men’s professional tours provided they work on getting faster through a swing speed training like we have here at Swing Man Golf through All-Access. This is not an easy task. However, we did come across a document from a single event in 2008 containing the swing speed of each player in the field. Here’s what a tour player’s striking pattern looked like after about 10 shots. The slowest player on the PGA TOUR each year is always close to 104-105 mph. In addition to finding the total score shot and comparing it with 100, a player can get a feel for how her scores compare, as a whole, with those of the average golfer by comparing her handicap against the average handicap for heh\r gender. Las Vegas,Nevada 89134-6299 Strokes are not the only way to measure the score of a player. The PGA Tour average proximity to the hole from 150 yards is roughly 30 feet. and 180 pounds. So, as you can see, the more swing speed you have, in general the farther you will drive the ball…and as I’ve shown, more distance also makes it easier to shoot lower scores. That means the average amateur could pick up over 25 yards simply from more consistent strikes. Rapidly and drastically unleash your power and play consistently with a steady and reliable game with Swing Man Golfs All-Access…featuring effective and easy-to-understand world class golf instruction paired with our expertise in long drive and our pioneering golf fitness swing speed training programs for amateurs and pros alike. Here are some average speeds of a few individual Final-8 competitors. In other words, your average of 113 mph for the 17-29 cohort is actually above TrackMan's 99th percentile! The total will be the team's handicap. You not only get the eBook though, you also receive a ton of extra material including video, lessons on putting, driving, chipping, sand play etc. Let’s take a look at some more specific club head speed numbers. Is today the end of Tiger Woods' career . How Fast Is An Amateur’s Average Golf Swing Speed? With that said, a 15-handicap player hitting it to 30 feet from the pin from 150 yards out sounds like a good shot to me. In the last 25 years, the average USGA handicap for a man has improved nearly two full strokes, from 16.3 to 14.4. I just don't know whether to stick with what I have and take care of them or try something new/couple years old. Granted, some of this is due to John’s technique, equipment, etc…but the point is that although fitness certainly has its place in golf and life, for distance and application towards becoming a better player…it’s more about being fast than fit. Aside from improving your technique and getting fit for your equipment, despite what many golfers (even pros like Tiger) believe, yes, you can actually train to increase your swing speed…at any age! Take a look at this chart of the average swing speeds for various categories of golfers. ... Handicap: 3 Location: New Orleans Feedback. On the Champions Tour for over-50 pros, average golf course length is around 6,500 to 6,800 yards. There are many national junior golf tournament associations that hold events each year. Here’s a little more detail to illustrate the correlation between driving distance and swing speed. Next are the guys who are considered to be in the middle of the pack as far as swing speed goes on the PGA TOUR. Weird irony I suppose. You can sign in to vote the answer. However, they are even more efficient drivers of the golf ball than PGA TOUR players. However, in comparison to a professional long driver, no player on the PGA TOUR would stand a chance of winning (or even being competitive) at the World Long Drive Championships. Even the “old” guys can bomb it past any PGA TOUR player. The average handicap for men and women is coincidentally 15.2 for both. Guess what? I'm just an average golfer and hit the ones I have well. Adult beginners who are in decent physical condition, can swing a golf club and make contact, and have a shred of athletic ability can usually shoot around 100 within the first few weeks of learning the game. Trackman® also reports LPGA TOUR players average around 94 mph, which according to the LPGA yields about 248 yards/drive. This would put the average golf score around an 87 to 88 on a par 72 golf course. Lastly are the guys with the fastest speeds. It does work, for the most part. I started on 19 and have just recently, after shooting a 76 gross playing off 15, been cut to 12. Since 2007, the PGA TOUR has been tracking golf swing speeds of all of its players, also using Trackman®. By jmaytx, August 12, 2017 in Equipment. This is much better than the average 14-15 –handicap golfer who comes in at 2.29 yards/drive. The facts are: 75% of golfers have never read the USGA Rules of Golf, 73% of golfers admit to taking Mulligans, using foot wedges, etc., 63% of golfers will play nonconforming equipment if it provides a performance advantage, less than 15% of golfers have a real handicap, the majority of golfers agree on the rules on the first tee. Breaking it down in two divisions -- age and handicap -- here are the median driving distances from golfers across the world: At its core, the median driving distance is 219.55 yards. As you can see, striking the ball consistently solid will help get you more distance out of your club head speed and improve your driving efficiency. Overview. This translates into an average score of about 90, close to that of a bogey golfer. //
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