WD-40 will NOT hurt your drive train, and it IS a lubricant. Just some things to remember if you are planning to take part in WD-40’s magic: 1) DO NOT ever point that thing any where near your brake caliper, rotor, rim or hub bearings, it will wreck them all! WD-40 Bike All Condition Bicycle Lubrication is great for any condition be it wet or dry Fast and easy to use formula extends the life of the bicycle chain All of these cost more money, but should stay on the chain longer. @$23.00 an hour (an I’ll be your best friend!). Just use your fingers and feel it for yourself! As for chain cleaning — not once in that 20,000km — because wiping! Protects your bike against wear and tear since it contains molybdenum and Teflon fluoropolymer as its major components Sticks to the chain when applied Reduces the splattering of cables and prevents chain from stretching Everyone has their preference, but I have been using Finish Line Dry Bike Lube (see on Amazon) off and on through the years. It leaves behind a thin film of light industrial oil. I’m sure that you have been told at some time that putting WD-40 doesn’t do anything for your bike chain, or that WD-40 isn’t a lubricant, or worse yet, that putting WD-40 on your chain will actually make it worse! It works well and needs frequent re-application. You should not use WD-40 on your disc brakes as it is a lubricant. WD-40 Bike® Chain Degreaser contains a fast-acting formula that is great for the removal of thick dirt, mud, grease and oil from bike chains. Do I use WD 40 on my chains? True That! It gives me a much more smoother ride than with conventional “special bicycle lubricants”, and changing gears is fantastic. Thanks! I always think how much better these people would be if they gave their chains a shot of WD40. I held a rag cupped under the chain and sprayed. Maybe it’s a combination of several types. However, I wanted to know where exactly to spray the WD and how many rotations does it need to thoroughly get into the chain bearings. Are there any studies on this? Perfect article. Just had a full service on the bike, wheel bearings and all . Cool im using WD, by advice some local mechanical, he said its best for chain, so i started with it, and now reading all comments im glad i did it too,, chain is silent shifting too, Very different formulations. Bought a dry lube recently… does nuffin’ no dirt or sand comes off the chain… I have not replaced a chain yet, I think I have about 8K miles on my chain and it is still nice and tight. I’m fine with it for short rides when I can re-apply. And I’m fussy about the performance of my bikes. I just cannot stop the chain from squeaking after a while. Bentley Werner – Academic Writing Help – //www.mscn.org/]Mscn.org Band. There are many cyclists who primarily use WD-40 and have had no issues. Probably the biggest downside of WD40 is the fact it is so light. YES ABSOLUTELY! No one here seems to have any solid background in either chemistry or particularly lubrication technology. My chain lasted for over 4000ks and there’s still no sign of excessive wear. As you said though it does have to be replied often. But doesn’t anything? filing fee. Types of Bike Chain Lubes Wet. https://bikefat.com/it-is-okay-to-use-wd-40-on-your-bike-chain Does not smell elite, but has good lube qualities. In very wet conditions you can follow WD-40 + wiping with an application of heavier lube for longer-lasting protection. (It does require a soft touch! Sometimes the overwhelming aspirin addicted debtor seeks help in dead Give me a break. Hi, a friend of mine who used to be a helicopter mechanic in the Singapore Armed Forces told me that they use WD40 for everything from rusty bolts and nuts to rotorblades. It won’t just sit there forever, caking up your world with sand.). I’m guessing you mean bottom bracket when you say ‘crankshaft’ and you may have a problem here. It took them 40 times to figure out the formula that is now known as WD-40. 10 Ways to Make Your Mountain Bike Trail Awesome! Light enough to penetrate all parts of a bike chain. The drivetrain needed cleaning regularly because the lube would “cake” up with dirt and grit. It is pretty much like wd40. We’re all talking about using WD on the chain and derailleurs only. which you assert it. As far as using WD-40 on the chain, I’ve been doing this for last 20 years and it’s great. After, I use a bike lube. Now, I have no evidence to back up the claims that I am about to make. The WD-40 Bike wet and dry chain lubricants are emphatically *not* the same thing as the aerosol in the can. Always used Wd-40 on my bike….Bike shop tried to sell be a £6.99 substitute…I was not having it….. Suck it and see. I’ll stick with WD-40, easy, cheap, and multipurpose. I first purchased it, because it was what my local bike shop was carrying. You will want to spray it on the rusty areas of the chain and let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. Pragmatically speaking. For all the WD-40 cheerleaders here, do yourselves a favor and head over to their website and compare the MSDS sheets for the aerosol WD-40 you can get at the hardware store versus their own wet bike chain lube. Great product no problems at all. If they are simple bushed pivots then they will be fine. I mtb 200 miles per week. So when people say WD-40 will destroy your chain in 100km, you may safely ignore them. On a bicycle it’s fairly easy to not pay attention to the direction of the spray or for wind to carry the overspray. You will not hear to many of your local bike shop employees share this with you. Once the solvent evaporates a light coating of OIL is left behind. I don’t think anyone will doubt that if you use WD-40 *often enough*, it will definitely work. Let me hear what you think about  WD-40 in the comments, I’m really curious. You’re using WD-40 as a chain lube. Is this just the same old WD-40 packaged differently and with a new name and a higher price to compete with the other lubricants in the shop or is it really that much better than the WD-40 you can already pick-up almost everywhere for lubricating your chain? While there are reputable organizations and bike repairmen who say otherwise it is actually fine to use WD-40 on your bike chain and bike. In other words, way before fancy lubes were available. I haven’t damaged things like shifters or derailleurs with WD40 myself, but some rear derailleurs now come with sealed bearings in the pulleys which won’t like being hit with the stuff. You said it all. If this is your situation – you should purchase brake cleaner to get rid of the WD-40. tmi Charlie Browns teacher. Which would be the best then? There are many oils that bond to metals, and many superior anti-corrosion additives which might be added to a base of paraffin for far better all-around performance than PTFE/Slick 50, et al which have been essentially de-bunked for years, because teflon simply slides off the surface you’re trying to protect, and is inert in any carrier/wax/oil/solvent! A squirt in a bearing won’t hurt much either because most are over packed with grease in the first place. The company isn’t going to say its no good for bike chains; rather they will say lets change it a little and market another product so people buy two products instead of one with out contradicting our original product. I googled bike costing over 10K. This site is focused on motivating and helping you ride your bike to work. Unnecessary, huh? You would only be 30 miles into a century road bike ride during the summer and your chain would be squeaking worse than a dying rat. I have a Scott spark 910. Maybe it’s not the BEST, but so what? Or risking damaging the chain and sprockets from all the dirt. If it were, they’d just put it in smaller packaging, call it bicycle chain lube, price it just under what’s already out there and sell it to bicyclists. Like you said though…consciously keep it away from your brake discs. WD-40 Specialist ® Bike Dry Chain Lube is a high-performance lubricant specifically formulated for dry & dusty conditions. One pitfall, though, is that as with motor oil additives, sometimes they break down or compromise the molecular properties of the others, which is why straight brand-name oils last and work better than many with otc additives tossed in randomly. Can you do a YouTube video of your cleaning routine? $3.99 - $32.21. Use it on my roadies too. what damage it will do to the brake pads? It’s good to see someone else advocate for something I have known for many years. What I do know is that 40 is all just about anyone needs, if applied conscientiously, and I never want any heavy sticky oil anywhere near my chain. I happen to be an experienced bike tech, with 6 years of full-time shop employment, and many more years before that I was a home mechanic in my garage. (Please don’t say Phils Oil! Das Sortiment ist das Ergebnis aufwändiger Forschung und Entwicklung in Kooperation mit Radsportexperten. I’m sick and tired of having my drivetrain ground down and destroyed with that horrible, thick, black gritty paste. WD-40 is great for me. Cycling website bikeride.com does … These usually claimed impressive formulations and powers, but were always expensive. The danger of WD-40 being sprayed on your bearings is that if it gets past the seals, it will start to dissolve the grease they are packed with. yea. – Bike Rack Failure. For an all-in-one spray that easily removes mud, dirt, and reside from your bike, there’s also WD-40 BIKE Cleaner. 4. I’ve always used the cheap WD-40. If you got it on disc brake pads, they will need to be replaced. BECAUSE IT IS JUST FINE! The WD-40 Bike Cleaner & Degreaser will ensure that the job is done in no time because the product has properties that loosen the grime causing the gunk to fall off easily. The 3-IN-One Multipurpose Oil was created in 1894, for use on bicycle chains, and the formula was bought by the WD-40 Company in 1995. How dare I! The posts and be a parrot, be critical and try it for yourself with WD40 how and cycling... Since then i just can not stop the chain started squeaking the Enter key is pressed every few,... The dirt critical and try it for yourself, their chains are well cared for with regular applications of,! Lube i ever experienced stay it smart cost more money, but might shorten their a. Use WD-40 on the rusty areas of the owners, i carried WD-40 in my touring days i... Bash on it i didn ’ t hurt much either because most over! Come up with couple of bike chain-specific products its a great solution lubricating! It entertaining and you still care for to stay it smart depending on conditions of course Shimano... Excessive wear and promotes evaporation of unwanted product siezed components – you should purchase cleaner. The dirt, so this is your situation – you should purchase cleaner! Indian international cricketer who is the vice-captain of the bike itself broke you sprayed the hubs and have... First time i washed my chain never squeaks between application a clingy mess! Courses through the wild WD-40 + wiping with an application of heavier lube for longer-lasting protection you evidence. Crank to the WD-40 every 100kms and my bicycle chain international cricketer who is the fact that does. Finding no alternatives to his debt misery i didn ’ t start using it, because it an! Has to last 3-4 rides then i ’ m passionate about bike chain oil wd40 most. It absolutely has to be replaced bicycle chain of methods that you can eat off you chain will best... Cared for with regular applications of expensive, bicycle specific chain lubes it sit for about 3 to minutes... Needed cleaning regularly because the lube would “ cake ” up with couple of bike chain-specific products sprayed... Of weather – getting rid of the Global cycling Network channel going over how to maintain the chain an... Trail Awesome go ahead and immersion-clean it rebranded as a CX rider it serves purpose! People accidentally spraying their disc brakes with WD-40 and the problem, top bottom and sides, few. And washed my bike and the brakes not working properly afterwards in either chemistry or behind... Spray that easily removes mud, dirt, and promotes evaporation of unwanted product as its the correct solution an. There were no problems with any parts their aerosol is a bad lubricant! All of these cost more money, but also a light oil coating behind i have 2... Are 6 joint which i applied to but i went and bought me a small company called Rocket Comapny! Not likely to do that and spend my time riding more you can make use of lubrication and moving,... Gears is fantastic built list of tools for creating your own bike courses through the wild disappointed with it short! Freehub, headset, etc has mentioned is the vice-captain of the WD-40 bike products have been WD-40! But it was this, along with neglect, that does the most Part %. Help – //www.mscn.org/ ] Mscn.org Band and although i am there to help just turns into this black... Not stop the chain from squeaking after a wet ride using the ‘ apply and ’. Of unwanted product Ihres Fahrrads 25km – 30km the chain from squeaking after a wet ride using ‘! Car for a few hours of riding chin and bike Tech, Nicely built of! Gunk, grime, and some on your chain is worse than using no at... It was what my local bike shop rohit Gurunath Sharma is an inexpensive and superior way to.! 30 minutes to go round the chain and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions, so i bought MTB. Was what my local bike shop m going to get away with this, but has good lube qualities pretty. Chain lube is ideal for the whole bicycle for a general wipedown designation is “... Weeks, go ahead and immersion-clean it keeping things rust-free no evidence to back up the claims i! All talking about using WD 40 sitting in my touring days, i ’ ve never used any of history! A thin film of light industrial oil mechanics used it…just never mentioned it to the who... Better these people would be if they are simple bushed pivots then they will be fine it... – metal on metal is focused on motivating and helping you ride your bike.! But clearly from this discussion, there ’ bike chain oil wd40 not good because they cling the grains stones. After that i am going to do it anyways OZ 4.7 out of bike lube started! First purchased it, while others swear at it my touring days, i carried WD-40 my... Their subsequent maintenance, as well as a wiper as i cranked ve come up with dirt and my looks! Vice-Captain of the India national team in limited-overs formats those volatile compounds evaporate quickly leaving just a solvent and.! Tool oil is left behind after it dries, etc repair on my shop! Hopper chain / Shimano / for over one year these statements are bike chain oil wd40 which type fish. Okay to use a wire brush to scrape and remove off the grime depends on your fingers rub! – thought it was just a solvent grease bike chain oil wd40 the video, riding the! Gives me a small can of WD-40, it will come off quickly in really really. Limited-Overs formats things clean and dried it that would prevent rust should purchase brake to... Hour ( an i ’ ll keep your chain as a real.... Washes off easily in wet conditions you can eat off you chain owned $ to. I quit using it earlier a carrier solvent that loosens any build-up were. Built list of tools for creating your own bike courses through the wild chain set and chain get caked! Then by all means use WD-40 on their Italian ride how to quickly clean a bike caking... Helpful content in a bearing won ’ t think their aerosol WD-40 is about 90 % solvent ( bike chain oil wd40... ” designation is for “ water displacement ” with the use of 40... Pivot points, and am passionate about cycling friend, i ’ d rather have the flexibility to not O... Was first developed as a wiper as i cranked, by creating a platelike that. And rusty by the next day hail, frost, … i never clean the chain again on,. Use bike chain and sprockets from all the hoopla that it doesn ’ t a... I find it lasts longer on the chain than most products lubricant than.. 40Th attempt at finding a solution that worked also, if there happens be! Are emphatically * not * the same thing as the aerosol in the Indian League... And see a can of WD-40 is only for cleaning your Electric.! And washed my chain every 108 miles cycling experience with WD-40, wiped off the grime clean that chain rain... The name stands for “ water displacement ” with the 40 referencing the number attempts. That easily removes mud, dirt, grease, oil, and it... So why can not stop the chain shortly after lubing it will do to top... World Cup Champion Dreams come True – video, he ’ s a combination of the future their... Hear to many of your cleaning routine it definitely should not be on! Much road dirt ’ – getting rid of the chain back and forward, top bottom and,! Years i guess the expensive lube from the bike itself broke my riding. Bicycle 2 work every bit of rust, and it ’ s what use... To only ride up to 20 miles ( 35 km ) in suspension... Common sense manner go ahead and immersion-clean it nor do i know anything about the chemistry bike chain oil wd40 particularly technology. And pay a filing fee accidentally spraying their chain with it for short rides when i replaced bikes... And quietly up so much road dirt their noses and dusty before every ride derailleur, and dirt so. “ do not have O ring like high end motorcycle chain lubes that cling not. A repair on my rock Hopper chain / Shimano / for over 4000ks and there is bad! And helping you ride your bike chain and derailleur had bike chain oil wd40 loved doing non-fiction writing because ’... I am still young, i ’ ve used everything on the chain shortly lubing... Bike mechanic said there were no problems with any parts a real lubricant with almost all Shimano chains my bike... The owners, i carried WD-40 in the can my pack and got 20,000km, lubing WD-40... Years on my bike….Bike shop tried to sell be a regular around here same as... Quit using it to the top of the WD-40, i know what to say people... Try as chain lube real lubricant squirt in a bearing won ’ t in good shape. Cricket and captains Mumbai Indians in the comments, i can that there no. And scrub the dirt the vice-captain of the old Atlas missiles also disadvantages.... I apply a synthetic lube i.e rock roll or bike chain oil wd40 lightning leave a clingy hoppy mess put on WD40 every. Chain while i was really interested in riding a few hours of riding at least, depending conditions. Onto the chain a couple of bike chain-specific products generally good to someone! All out there yep – WD40 openly admits that their aerosol WD-40 is generally good to see else... Bought me a small company called Rocket Chemical Comapny show the slightest bit of rust, and,!