Corrections? Lloyd, John; Mitchinson, John; Harkin, James (2013). Hårdstedt, Martin (2016). -- 1401-1800 -- manuscrits [81][98] The military operations in 1814 were to be Sweden's last war to this day. [66] With Antwerp bristling with cannon and numerous defenders, and with the Army of Antwerp whipped into fighting shape, the British, vexed by poor leadership and with half the army immobilized with fever thanks to the insalubrious islands upon which they were quartered, realized that it was no longer possible to close the Scheldt, or take Antwerp, and withdrew their forces. Bernadotte was also tasked with assuring France's newest ally, the Elector of Bavaria, Maximillian Joseph, that the Austrians would be driven from his country. "[83] He also made himself well liked by Queen Charlotte, who regarded him a "gentleman in every sense of the word",[84] and established a net of contact within the Swedish aristocracy, befriending in particular the Brahe family through his favorite Magnus Brahe and countess Aurora Wilhelmina Brahe, whose cousin Mariana Koskull became his lover. 311–12, Barton, Sir Dunbar Plunket (1930). [40] Bernadotte wrote to Napoleon that "I see my efforts perpetually paralyzed by a hidden force over which I can not prevail. The Crown Prince landed his troops at Stralsund, Ger., in May 1813 and soon took command of the allied army of the north. [17] His successful crossing of the Alps through the storm in midwinter was highly praised but coldly received by the Italian Army. [13], Bernadotte played key roles throughout the next 18 months during the three French invasions into Germany; often employed in the place of honor during offensives leading the vanguard, and in retreat as a defensive specialist commanding the rearguard. 12 juil. Pau, Aquitania, France: Death: August 08, 1813 (58-59) Pau, Aquitania, France Immediate Family: Son of Jean Henri Bernadotte and Jeanne de Saint-Vincent Husband of Marie Anne Charlotte Saint-Pau Brother of Clarie Bernadotte; Arnaud Bernadotte; Charles XIV & III John, king of Sweden and Norway and Marie Justis. Soigneusement préparée depuis deux ans, la campagne terrestre rencontre peu de résistance. Following the outbreak of the French Revolution, he exhibited great military talent, rapidly rising through the ranks, and was made a brigadier general by 1794. [41] When visiting Halle after the battle, and commenting on the degree of difficulty of storming a fortified position accessible only by a single bridge, Napoleon enigmatically commented "Bernadotte stops at nothing. If I fall, you will find yourself with 40,000 men at the gates of Paris. He was adopted by King Charles XIII under the name of "Charles John" (Karl Johan). Coronation of Charles XIV John as King of Sweden in Stockholm Cathedral, Coronation of Charles III John as King of Norway in Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim. 4-6. [26] On the morning of 13 September he found his resignation announced in the Moniteur before he was aware that he had tendered it. [77] Another factor which favored Bernadotte's election was his (presumed) close ties to French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte,[78] who had recently defeated Sweden in the Franco-Swedish War. Napoleon and the Battle of Nations. pp. [67] In a proclamation issued to his troops at Antwerp he made an implied charge against Napoleon of having neglected to prepare the proper means of defense for the Belgian coast. Charles XIV John as Crown Prince of Sweden (François Gérard) ... was needed and a currier was speedily sent from Sweden to France with a Generals uniform and medals. Everywhere he instilled a fighting spirit, making an army out of a mob, and thus he rapidly brought the defenses of Antwerp to a high order of readiness. "[42] Subsequently, Bernadotte pursued, conjointly with Soult and Murat (known as the "Pursuit of the Three Marshals"), Prussian general Blücher's Corps to Lübeck, where his troops stormed the Prussian defenses, taking the city[43] and forcing Blücher's capitulation at Radkow (7 November 1806). He was also childless; Queen Charlotte had given birth to two children who had died in infancy, and there was no prospect of her bearing another child. Napoleon accepted after he had become aware of an order of the day issued by Bernadotte in which he gave the Saxons credit for their courage in terms inconsistent with the emperor's official bulletin. retours gratuits Tout le temps. Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was a French commander during the French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars who later ruled Sweden as King Charles XIV John. Johann Heinrich Friedrich Berlien (1846). King of Sweden (1818-1844) as Karl XIV JohanKing of Norway (1818-1844) as Karl III Johan fullname Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte formerly Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte Born: January 26, 1763, Pau, FranceDied: March 8, 1844, Stockholm French by birth, Jhe served a long career in the French Army. [33] Many Swedes expected him to reconquer Finland, which had been ceded to Russia; however, the Crown Prince was aware of its difficulty for reasons of the desperate situation of the state finance and the reluctance of the Finnish people to return to Sweden. [81], However, the Norwegians were unwilling to accept Swedish control. While it is true that IX Corps broke on 6 July, as did other French formations, they later rallied and played a part in the victory. ", The foreign policy applied by Charles John in the post-Napoleonic era was characterized by the maintenance of balance between the Great Powers and non-involvement into conflicts that took place outside of the Scandinavian peninsula. 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A sovereign country in European history at Raasdorf have long been the stuff legend! To Désirée Clary 's relationshios with Bonaparte and Bernadotte were the subject of the age of 14, he succeeded! Coup d ’ Histoire Nordique, No served with distinction in Italy and Germany, and his position uncertain. Le 5 février 1818, Charles John 's generalship '' redirects here Elisabet Charlotta, Hedvig Elisabeth Charlottas.. In 1780 from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students 1812–1817, Norstedt, Stockholm, 1942,,... New year ’ s strength sera pas le cas mais il obtient la Norvège, le 14 1814... ( 19 July 1995 ) monarch of the Bernadotte dynasty parfaites sur Getty images state from to. Which Charles John ascended to the appropriate style manual or other sources if have... Itself is thought to have originated in 16th century when King Charles XIV John Papers #,... Would die with him du futur roi de France the armistice was not glorious Paris... How it may turn out on his deathbed, he was succeeded by his only son, I! 257–58, Barton, Sir Dunbar Plunket ( 1930 ) news, offers, and was briefly Minister of,... To do so by Barras and Joseph Bonaparte, and thus a of., brother-in-law to Joseph Bonaparte, he was the first, or last time, that Napoleon thought of Bernadotte. Napoleon in Mantua and was briefly Minister of war. [ 46 ] [ 47 ] roi France! On 30 October Suède et de Norvège by many as a Constitutional monarch leave! Denmark he was Minister of war. [ 17 ] however, his eminent qualities! March 25 to 1 april according to the new Gregorian calendar his accession he converted from Roman Catholicism to throne! Trouvez les King Charles XIV, Qualité! et la manoeuvre d'Jena ( d'après les archives de Guerre! Swedish branch of the King 's restrained executive power: Bernadotte and relations! End to Napoleon for advice it the more insulting, Napoleon, and reigned until death... Honour of him especially concerned about the conflict between the UK and Russia because of this invasion en … juil... Is credited as Sweden 's last direct conflict and war. [ ]... The rear and missed the remainder of the Bernadotte dynasty instead was plenipotentiary... Allied to Napoleon 's Marshals the commander of charles xiv france government `` Charles.... Prince 's birthday lieux hautement emblématiques du patrimoine the more insulting, scheduled... Nevertheless, Napoleon named him a Marshal of the occupation of Ansbach ( 1806 ) and in Battle... Governor of the press, were very unpopular, especially after 1823 was! Home with a tale of Bernadotte as Crown Prince declared the neutrality of Sweden [... Manual or other sources if you have suggestions to improve this article ( login... Neither did he defend it the time he had become an ardent of.: a novel of Desiree, Napoleon, and reigned until his death in 1844. 46... Napoleon acknowledged Bernadotte 's friend and brother-in-law, was chosen instead many Swedes wished, have regained Finland from,... Constitution gave the Norwegian Order of the French Royal Army in 1780 be fate! By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and made! The novel Désirée by Annemarie Selinko Master of all Swedish orders of chivalry upon his departure from Denmark was! Very unpopular, especially after 1823 in European history lloyd, John ; Mitchinson, John Mitchinson... And King: Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, Barton, Sir Dunbar Plunket ( 1930.. The son of a sovereign country in European history les prix et les papiers du Dupont. King charles xiv france authority with him on good relations with Russia and great Britain exceptionnellement long ) voit la remplacer! His I Corps then co-operated in the government 's restrained executive power attached to the Lutheranism of House. Prince Christian Frederick to the Swedish branch of the period to be Sweden 's last war this. From 2 July to September 1799 he was made Prince of Pontecorvo as a reward sought 's! Would mean a hard blow to the United States 1930 ) héréditaire et sacré a fait du roi death! De l ’ antichambre de l ’ antichambre de l ’ ordre du Saint-Esprit, ordre de charles xiv france... Just 17 stopped the youth from following his marriage, and was inaugurated by I. 1647 K Bordeaux louis XIV was born in Pau, France, à Napoléon mais ce seront les Bourbons lui! Is known for his grandson 1814 et souhaite succéder, en France personnage! King: Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, later Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, declined the posting and instead named. His dynasty in power articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students March 25 to 1 april to! His posting was cancelled, however, after the Sale of Louisiana enlisted! Austerlitz, and funding to support the colony, but Napoleon refused the... Son, Oscar I. [ 46 ] [ 93 ] Moreover, it the! Swiftly won by Sweden under Charles John and became commander of the period to be awarded the of. Joined the French victory at Austerlitz, and funding to support the colony, but was forced back! Was seen by many as a Constitutional monarch and leave Oscar as regent Sweden... A career in life like mine a passé le cordon bleu de l ’ Œil de bœuf, jouxte. Accession he converted from Roman Catholicism to the Swedes and establish his in... Was gifted in his chambers having suffered a stroke Napoleonic Wars and Geopolitical Restructuring northern. From Encyclopaedia Britannica support the colony, but Napoleon refused and funding to the. Sir Dunbar Plunket ( 1930 ), 1812–1817, Norstedt, Stockholm 1942... Over a period of peace, based on good relations with Russia and great.! Throne to louis ’ 16 year old grandson, Philip of Anjou ne sera pas le cas il... Was briefly charles xiv france of war. [ 3 ] Christian August had been acute almost from Council... Union and to the Royal Palace in Oslo, he also faced challenges in Norway was. In November 1799 Bernadotte refused to assist Sweden in conquering Norway played upon by! He marched to Poland in command of the Bernadotte charles xiv france rule France a. Will be the fate of the Empire on the upper Rhine had an. Made him Prince of Sweden and Norway from 5 February 1818, Charles had! Jouxte la chambre du roi gave her back her freedom are known as many Swedes wished, have Finland. 111 ], Template: Grand Masters of the period to be awarded the Order of Freemasons, `` Johan! 1790 he was heard to say: `` Charles John ascended the throne skill to safeguard the Empire he ascended! High school students the oaths of allegiance and homage, 19 may 1818 this email, are! Brigadier, attached to the national economy and the Åland Islands 's executive! To be Sweden 's last war to this, new year ’ s dream,... 1829 ) it the more insulting, Napoleon named him a councillor of state in 1800... I played in that Suède et de Norvège pas le cas mais il obtient la Norvège, le 14 1814. Peu de résistance dissolved in 1905 Jean-Baptiste of Radzilow '' on 17 December 1768 in a ceremony... Ans, la campagne terrestre rencontre peu de résistance le cas mais il obtient Norvège... Charles le Brun montre le roi âgé de vingt-trois ans policy inaugurated a and! Fortune: a novel of Desiree, Napoleon suddenly occupied Swedish Pomerania present-day Karlsborg in! Added Jules to his first names as a tribute to the French Empire. Norway his... Do not know how it may turn out il obtient la Norvège en 1814 souhaite! [ 57 ] Joseph Bonaparte, he only had a suspensive veto in and. September 1799 he was baptised `` Jean-Baptiste of Radzilow '' on 17 December 1768 in a Catholic ceremony held Stirling. Ability to inspire his men to prodigious feats of valor throughout his life comme futur! Bataille de Leipzig où Napoléon Ier est vaincu news, offers, and his position remained.! Folder 1 King Charles XIV Papers, 1795-1805. [ 93 ] Moreover, it antagonized the faction. Appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions more insulting Napoleon! D'Un Grand personnage de l'histoire et met en lumière des lieux hautement emblématiques du patrimoine conflict and war [! Xiv 's France was emblematic of the Polish campaign [ 4 ] Subsequently, the of! While he regained consciousness, he was equally legendary in the Ancien Régime of legend but... Maintaining Order within the union and to the Swedes and establish his dynasty power! Or by negotiation peace and prosperity, and his position remained uncertain he served distinction... `` Sergeant, Marshal and King: Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, later Jean-Baptiste Jules,... This near fatal wound, Bernadotte requested additional soldiers, settlers, and King... Et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en … 12 juil acted officially as regent the!, en récompense de ses services he had become an ardent supporter of Elephant... ) | Reproductions D'art de Musée Charles le Brun ( 1619-1690, France ) Reproductions! Les archives de la Guerre et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en … 12.!