Creating in me a clean heart. Search for: Menu Toggle Icon . This sermon is adapted from Chapters 14 and 15 of The Golden Path to Successful Personal Soul Winning by Dr. John R. Rice (Sword of the Lord Publishers, 1961). SOUL WINNING Jesse M. Hendley John 4:16-26 Here is a letter that has come to us from a lady and it says, "I have been a Christian for years, desiring to be something wonderful, but it seems that I am just a failure." Blotting out all mine iniquities. Sermon Illustrations . Feb 23, 2017 - From - Four Calls to Soul Winning - by Dr. Jack Hyles, pastor of First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana from 1959-2001. A Challenge! About Serminutes; Tag: Soul Winning. 6. Beloved, let us quit playing, and be out-and-out for Christ.—From A Sure Remedy, by Dr Walter L. Wilson. Active soul winning work as a guard against sinning. Purging with hyssop. Jan 01. No young mother ever rejoiced over her firstborn child, no warrior was so exultant over a hard-won victory.". Perhaps a sec-ond book, entitled . In this episode of God Pops Up, follow Anil’s journey to learn more about the man who he is convinced saved his mother. Washing whiter than snow. But that one was many, for Moody rocked two continents toward God. July 30, 2018 August 5, 2018 R. Mangold. —SOURCE: Dr. Jack Hyles, from the timeless Sermon FOUR CALLS TO SOULWINNING (video sermon, FOUR CALLS TO SOUL WINNING) Dr. John R. Rice Video Watch Full Length Video Now (Right Click Here to Download WMV file ― 211 MB) Ye Must Be Born Again (MP3 by Dr. Tom Malone, 1947) When Adam and Eve sinned, they tried to cover their own nakedness with fig-leaves, which symbolizes mankind's … "Oh, no, that's not the end of it; it's only the beginning," said the missionary. A. The early apostles were busy daily in the temple for fellowship and in every house for witnessing Acts. We have a fine young people's group, and we play games and sing." Introduction. Two years after, the man of God spoke in the same place. CHRIST COMMANDS IT! 1. Backsliders Restoration of. Search Icon. Soul Winning. /* 336x280, created 3/7/08 */ Sermon Illustrations . Before the week was over the elders who had met with their minister had won thirty men to Christ.—Adult Bible Teacher. Look of Christ (Lk. Preaching Today provides pastors and preachers sermon prep help with sermon illustrations, sermons, sermon ideas, and preaching articles. [ 1] [ 2] [ 3] [ 4] [ 5] [ 6] [ 7] [ 8] [ 9] [ 10] Samuel Rutherford's first church was at Anwoth on the Solway. After the service a woman said, "I am the person who was vexed with you when you asked whether the milkman and butcher and baker visited me. Before daylight she was up waiting for him to come. 21:18, 19 follow me). But why say more? The most powerful sermon on prayer is answered prayer. "I have become a son of God," he cried. After the lecture a woman said: "What can I do? A poor seamstress was troubled because she had never won anybody to Christ. Please use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be used for profit without my expressed, written permission! I tell them. Sermon illustrations: Dedication. 5. Thus, gaining the whole world is useless when one’s soul is lost. I’m going to use it to share with others. "—Home Study Quarterly. John 1:35-42 THE TRAITS OF A SUCCESSFUL SOUL WINNER. Speak for Yourself. We offer 30,000+ outlines and 10,000+ free sermon illustrations from top Christian pastors and communicators. "—Christian Laymen and Tomorrow's World. This story shows the Lord's estimation of the value of one soul. A missionary to Africa told the story of an elderly woman who was reached with the gospel. "Yes; of the Jesus religion." Just because he—a poor, illiterate Hindu—realized that he had indeed become "a son of God" and longed for others to become "sons" also.—From The Happy Christian, by An Unknown Christian. When the Japanese invaded Malaya, no one knew of the fate of the missionaries. A member of one society having workers there was asked if he knew what a certain missionary was doing. You'll write powerful and fresh messages every week with our preparation tools on a number of sermon topics, including expository preaching. Immediately he went downtown and in a few minutes led that young man to the Lord. When the last one was posted, the teacher met the girl's mother on the street, who said, "You need not mail Mary any more cards.". Church Sermons, Illustrations, and PowerPoints for Preaching on soul winning. Billy Graham Best Sermon About JESUS - Never Miss it! The most powerful sermon on holy living is a life untainted by sin and the world. When the Japanese invaded Malaya, no one knew of the fate of the missionaries. 62 pages. What do to and not to do when witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ. "Then we should like you to come to our church. A member of one society having workers there was asked if he knew what a certain missionary was doing. But when on earth my life shall end Never shall I forget the remark of a learned, legal friend who was at one time somewhat skeptical in his views. So she told him how she had been saved, and he was saved that morning.—Selected. Not a Chance! Thus spoke a rough-looking, lumberjack father to the young pastor, in an Ontario lumber town. "No," was the answer. Habit 3: Soul Winners Are Adaptable in Their Presentation of the Gospel. Ought we not rather, like the Samaritan woman, to hasten to tell the good news? Valentine's Day Sermons. Sermons ... Sermon Series: Soul Winning by Donald Cantrell. Who can foretell the difference if the hand used to write a card had reached a little farther to ring a door bell.—Alliance Weekly. An evangelist once preached at our church and asked how many of our folks went soulwinning on a regular basis. Tag: Sermon on Soul Winning. "That is enough, sister," I interrupted at this point, "you may go back to your seat." is an online resource for sermon outlines and preaching ideas. Earn your bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from WCBC Online. This sermon is based on the principals of evangelism. 4) Enoch and Elijah were detoured into heaven (Genesis 5:24, II Kings 2:11). Christ's intercession (Lk. "Yes, there are." *CHURCHES HAVE SO BECOME AT A CALLOUSED STATE THAT GUILT IS NOT PRESENT! Dr. H. C. Trumbull, in his excellent book, Individual Work for Individuals, says: "I have been for more than twenty-five years an editor of a religious periodical that has a circulation of more than a hundred thousand a week during much of the time. Standing Strong in the Face of Opposition When he was appointed as the pastor a church in Cambridge, England, in 1783 Charles Simeon was... Dedication, Faithfulness, Trials. God showed me my duty. “He is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.”— John ix. Soul-Winning Evangelism Ronnie Floyd Proverbs 11:30 IN 1978 OVER 15,000 CHURCHES IN OUR CONVENTION LED NOBODY TO CHRIST! The reply was, "We don't know where he is, but we know what he is doing; he will be converting the Japanese. Illustrations. 3. At first rebellious and determined never to return, he soon grew weary of his folly and confided to a chance acquaintance that he would go back on account of his mother, but he was sure his father would drive him away, and it was no use. Through my humble efforts five persons have been led to the Saviour, and they all are consistent working members of the church. They each have developed their own particular style which: Becomes personal and conversational. The Plight of the Lost Should Disturb Us On January 13, 2012, the massive Costa Concordia cruise ship with more than 4,200 passengers and... Soulwinning, Dedication. September 16, 2011 July 20, 2018 R. Mangold. Great Soul-Winning Motivational Sermons, will be possible in the near future. Each week, new sermon illustrations are posted to the illustration archive—many of these are taken from Dr. Chappell’s files, and many others are submitted from our contributors. THE SOUL WINNER'S---SURE REWARD Jesse M. Hendley Psalm 126:5-6 Psalm 126, verses 5 and 6, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. "Are there books in that bag on the table?" Soul Winning, Find Soul Winning Sermons and Illustrations. The most powerful sermon on God’s goodness is the Christian who keeps going during trials and hard times. Sermons › Soul Winning; Sermons. Burdened for his salvation, he had brought his eldest son into the hospital across miles of deep snow that Lord's day. View a sample email. From A Sure Remedy, by Dr Walter L. Wilson. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." Study online. A Hindu convert in India could neither read nor write, but he got others to read the Bible to him. TOPIC: THE VALUE OF A SOUL. Just one digit is valuable in the multiplication table and one letter in the alphabet—far more valuable is the conviction of the value of just one soul in God's sight.—R. The reply was, "We don't know where he is, but we know what he is doing; he will be converting the Japanese. 5:23). Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. God bless you! Free Access to Sermons on Soul Winning, Church Sermons, Illustrations on Soul Winning, and Preaching Slides on Soul Winning. Tag: Sermons on Soul Winning. That I did help, by act or word, The Family: Preaching : Funerals: Miscellaneous: Spiritual Gifts : More Categories will be added in the future as the need arises. Proverbs:11:30 . Open confession (Jn. 4. He said that every Christian, however poor or busy, could do personal work for Christ, if willing. Most do not rely on mechanical or canned gospel presentations. At that very moment there was a message from his father, posted in Jim Goodheart's Mission in the Denver slums, telling him to come home and all would be forgiven. 61 soul-winning sermon outlines from hebrews. Each witnessing encounter will be unique and different. Title; The Last Goodbye (9) Donald Cantrell: READ MORE: The Blessings of a Threefold Cord (8) Donald Cantrell : READ MORE: Who Will Rescue the King’s Household? He then talked to the man until he kneeled in prayer and accepted the Saviour.—Christian Herald. Posts about Soul Winning written by R. Mangold. Think about the sheer number of people in the cars as you sit in traffic.